Monthly Archives: March 2011

I do not understand hot headed people. You know the kind who will pick up their cell and send nasty text messages on a whim while they are pissed off?  Or the ones who can fly off the handle with no warning whatsoever – you never see it coming like a blitz attack?  Or, my personal favorite, the guy who is really just a high maintenance chick on the rag with a penis – moody, bitchy and always ready to take something and turn it from an innocent comment into an attack only he can see?  Oh, and the one who is just itching to pick a fight and whining about how disrespected he is?  He gives you such hell that he can make even the most non-confrontational and even-tempered among us lose it.  And what is infinitely worse is that you find yourself sinking to their sad level and being roused into the futility of fighting back.  Then you inevitably get the apologetic “excuse my frustration this morning, but…” text later after things have blown over a bit?  Well, here’s a little something from me to that guy.  Call it a rant, call it advice, whatever you’d like, but here is a piece of my mind for free. Read More

Anyone who knows me knows that I am blind as a bat. Actually, a bat has echolocation and decent vision, so I am pretty sure that the average bat can see quite well compared to me. I wear contact lenses so they are a constant challenge. If anything, no matter how small gets on them, it effects my vision. A speck of dust is never so big as when it is on your eyeball. Oh, and let something get between my eye and the lens – the pain is intense and exquisite. I always thought of that as being a weird way to describe pain. Exquisite carries with it a feeling of beauty and enchantment. Pain is neither of those things, but it is sharp and to the point. And if you have ever had something stuck in your eye, you know there is nothing sharper and more focusing than that. Read More
So, I was talking to a friend who is having some guy issues. Now, we’ll just say that I have been there, done that, and leave it there. (My dating history is as sad as it is long.) I was telling my friend that she needed to have a good idea of what she wanted in a man and then not settle for less. Write it down if she had to, I suggested. Easier said than done, apparently, which she called me out on. She asked me if I had ever done that, and I had to admit I had not. I have never written out what things – big or small – would be important to me in a man. She challenged me to do just that. Well, can you imagine how that turned out? Yes, I got on a roll. While I was preparing stuff for work, my mind was racing. When I took my lunch hour, I decided to make a little list. It was longer than I expected. (One of these days you would think that I would understand my own long-windedness, but so far I still have the ability to surprise myself.) Read More

Some days I can think of a million things to write about and other days not one single thing comes to mind.  This would not be that much of a problem were it not for the fact that I still have the urge to write, even when I know I have nothing to say.  There are days when the sentences roll out in almost a jumble over one another like they are each scared they will be forgotten or left out if they don’t hurry to the forefront of my mind and be one of the lucky ones to go from ethereal to corporeal through the magic of Word.  On those days, it is easy.  I feel less like a person than a conduit.  The sentences that form hardly seem mine and I am proud of them in a detached sort of way because, although they came out of me and onto the page through my efforts, they seem to have a life of their own.  I can re-read those pieces with a pride that I really don’t own and it always surprises me. Now, I can honestly say that some of it may be pure and unadulterated shit that no one could possibly interested in reading, but there is something about it that feels different.  Whether it is inane drivel or actually something with life and meaning is not really something I judge, I just know how it feels as it pours out.  Read More

She saw herself walking down a beautiful city street. It was an area where there were green spaces, museums, restaurants and pristine buildings housing all the help, entertainment and other things she needed and enjoyed. She was walking along with her head up in her favorite clothes holding a drink and soaking up the sun. There was a slight spring in her step and a glint in her eyes. As she passed people on the street all smiled and made eye contact. Most spoke and wished her a good day. Occasionally, she would see someone who was not smiling so she would make sure to smile at them and speak, getting at least a smile in return. She felt happy and content, pleased to pass along her good mood to the people around her. Read More

Moms have it bad.  Well, not exactly bad.  We do get appreciation and love.  And, of course, every athlete in the world says, “Hi, Mom!” on camera.  Our sons love us dearly and our daughters turn into versions of us – whether they like it or not.  No daughter-in-law will ever be good enough and we will always be able to see through the motives of the men in our daughters’ lives.  Motherhood is a blessing and a curse, but mostly a blessing.  At least we know that it will work out that way in the long run – as long as our daughters are off the pole and our sons are not on the terror watch list.  Read More