Have you ever had one of those moments? You know the really good ones where you are completely content and know that all is right with the world?
Maybe it was one day when you were holding your son or daughter and felt so full of love that you felt like you would burst;
Or maybe it was hearing the perfect words come from the person who actually is perfect for you;
Maybe it was the contentment that can come from walking along the river holding hands and being together;
It could have been the day you felt you were bursting with pride to have that person with you so everyone would know they were yours – and you were theirs;
Maybe it was sitting on a log in the forest listening to the world around you;
Maybe it was sitting on the beach with a mai tai listening to the waves crash;
Or laughing so hard at the cutest thing that your child inadvertently said;
Maybe it was getting a second chance;
Maybe it was drifting off to sleep next to the one you adore and hearing “I love you” just as you start floating away, taking the knowledge of being loved into your dreams;
Maybe it was talking all night with an old friend;
Or finishing the last sentence of the best book you ever read and flipping immediately to the beginning and starting it all over again;
Maybe it was hearing someone you respect say they are proud of you;
Or singing in the shower;
Finishing your crossword puzzle all by yourself;
Or learning something new – just because you want to;
Maybe it was watching two of your favorite people connect;
Or it was waking up from a wonderful dream and realizing that you are lying next to the reason it was so wonderful;
The day you gave that big speech or presentation and received recognition from your boss and co-workers for a job well done;
Maybe it was a nap on the couch – in his arms, or with her in yours;
Maybe it was the day you got on the scale and realized you no longer had to worry about those stubborn last 12 pounds because they were gone;
Maybe it was buying your dream home;
Or having coffee in bed on a Saturday morning;
Maybe it was making someone you love breakfast in bed as a surprise;
Maybe it was the day you got your first real job;
Or bought your first car;
Maybe it was seeing him or her across the room and thinking, “this has potential;”
The day you found out you were having your first child – and the first day you held him;
Being able to buy your parents something they would never buy themselves but would greatly appreciate – and doing it just because you can;
Knowing you thrill her;
The moment they handed you the diploma;
Going away together for the very first time;
Or dancing with your little boy in the kitchen while you make dinner;
Hearing your child laugh uncontrollably;
Or being able to come up with the exact right thing to say in a situation and being able to say it exactly how you mean it;
Laughing till you cry;
Knowing he thinks you are beautiful;
Sleeping in on a rainy Saturday;
Or a big bowl or tasty stew on a cold night;
Falling in love – and knowing this is the last time…

Maybe it was every one of these things. Or maybe for you it was something completely different. Regardless, you need to hold on to those moments. Make them count. Realize they are precious and keep them tucked away in your heart. These are the things life is made of. It is not where you live or how much is in your bank account. It is not what you drive or having the right outfit. It is the intangible things that make life worth living. And so far, that is the most important lesson I have learned.

Originally written May 11, 2010


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