Sarah – hiding in plain sight.

When I get overwhelmed, I withdraw.  I know some people rise to the occasion take a deep breath and jump in.  I don’t operate that way.  I want to hide.  Thinking about this reminded me of something I’d forgotten and for some reason I had the urge to share it here. 

In first grade I had a best friend named A—- and she had a younger sister.  I don’t remember the little girl’s name anymore I am sorry to say, so I will call her Sarah, but I do remember something she did.  I was spending the night at A—–‘s house and Sarah got in trouble.  She could not have been more than 4 at the time.  I remember she was sitting on a bar stool up next to the kitchen counter.  When her father started to get on to her for whatever it was she’d done, Sarah simply covered her eyes.  I asked A—– what she was doing and she laughed and told me that Sarah thought that if she could not see her daddy, he could not see her – so Sarah was hiding.  It was adorable

When Sarah was a teenager she was out one night with some other kids at Spanish Acres just outside of Headland, AL.  They were drinking and messing around on some horses that were kept there.  Sarah fell off a horse hit her head.  The kids did not know what to do and they tried for a while to wake her, but couldn’t.  When they finally got her to the hospital the doctors found she has a closed head injury and her brain had been hemorrhaging.  They did emergency surgery to relieve the pressure, but it was too late.  She died that night. 

I didn’t know Sarah beyond this little memory and I cannot remember what she looked like, but I do remember her covering her eyes to hide from her daddy in plain sight when she was 3 or 4 years old.

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