The nature of the universe;
what would happen if you tied buttered bread to the back of a cat and dropped them;
how do we loose our inborn creativity and lack of self consciousness and how do we get them back;
what purpose do slugs and the vermiform appendix serve;
will boys always love their mothers best;
if love really makes the world go ‘round;
why my name is so hard for people to understand;
just how happy is a pig in slop;
which one is my favorite poem;
how I ever made it this far alive;
what the future holds;
how did I finally get lucky;
is this it;
will pigs ever evolve to have wings, therefore making all things possible;
are there other worlds than these;
what is down the road not taken;
why Murphy is always right;
how a tesseract really works;
what is stronger than God, more evil than the devil, the poor have it, the rich need it and if you eat it you die (never mind… know that one);
if I will ever be good enough;
how to come to terms with mortality,
if I’ll ever feel like I’ve arrived;
why I’m not a grown-up yet;
do I have a guardian angel and, if so, can I fire them;
do we really have auras;
are the dead watching us;
where will I be in five years;
am I a good mother;
have I done my best;
does anyone really cry over spilt milk?
Originally written January 11, 2010

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