Monday, monday, can’t trust that day…

Well, well.  Here we are on another Monday.  I am in a good mood today.  This is strange for several reasons, but I will just pick one and go with it.  The most obvious and universal issue is that this is a Monday.  Traditionally, Mondays and I are barely on speaking terms.  We have a tenuous relationship that is built on necessity.  They have to come once a week and I have to survive them.  I suppose I can deal with one Monday a week.  More than one would be asking way too much, though.  There is that quote that says, “I try to take it one day at a time, but lately several days have attacked me at once.”  Well, imagine if they were all Mondays.  Right?  Right.  Yes, this is my idea of looking on the bright side. 

However, this is not shaping up to be too bad a Monday.  Granted, it did not look too promising when I woke up, but as things have progressed, I am leaning toward some cautious optimism.  I know, I had better keep my eyes peeled, but I cannot help but feel a smidge of relief.  

As I say, things started off Monday-normal.  The alarm clock played its usual trick.  The one where it starts going off at least an hour earlier than I set it last night, tricking me into hitting the snooze button several times and THEN the demonic device goes totally blackout SILENT for a good 20 minutes or more.  I swear it does not even frigging TICK.  That 20 minutes is just enough time for me to get good and back to sleep.  It then plays the nastiest of its tricks, going off a full 20 minutes after I was supposed to have gotten up, sending me into full-blown “Oh, Shit, I am going to be freakin late!! Oh, shit, shit, shit!”  This morning the tricky little imp got Ezra in on it and I heard faint, “Mommy, get UP!” cries coming from the living room.  I am late and a crappy Mommy.  Thanks a bleeping lot.

Getting out the door a full 17 minutes later than I should, this Monday was right on track to suck as per usual (a phrase I hate, but deem appropriate for Mondays).  I even ran into construction issues around Ezra’s daycare.  The demons at the Dept. of Transportation thought that it would be great fun to change the lanes on everyone starting out this morning.  On my route, one of the things I can count on is what lane turns into what and when.  [For those of you not familiar with Atlanta (or city) traffic let me explain a bit.  When I get off the interstate onto the 120 Loop en route to Ezra’s daycare, I know I have to get over 3 lanes to the left as quickly as possible.  The reason for this is that the 3rd lane will, in less than half a mile, actually turn into the right turn lane.  This turn lane will then become the far left lane once I turn onto the road to Ezra’s daycare.  Of course, the daycare is on the left, so I have to turn across all the traffic heading to the I-75 I have just come from.  I noticed this immediately when Ezra started this daycare and shrugged, sure there was a Murphy’s Law on the books somewhere dictating that all daycares be on the left crossing the heaviest morning rush hour traffic available.  I am also sure there is a city ordinance making it a crime for daycares to be easy to get in and out of in the mornings.] Today, however, the DO(friggin)T decided that they would change all that so the 3rd lane no longer turns into the lane I need.  And I got stuck in the new straight lane when I needed to be in the new right turn lane.  And no one would let me over.  People who are also surprised at the lane change behind me went around me just leaving me there.  Assholes.  I hope rocks from the construction zone chipped the windshields of each and everyone of their cars – and dinged the paint for good measure.  Anyhooo…

I send an email to my boss explaining that I was running a few minutes late due to a construction zone in Marietta (this totally covers me leaving 17 minutes late, so – WIN).  I get to my desk less than 10 minutes late…to find an email from my boss saying that he would be working from home today.  So, I totally ratted myself out this morning. Had I not sent that email, he would never know about the 10 minutes.  Dammit!  MONDAY!!!! 

But wait!  I sit at my desk and sip my coffee, reflecting on its smooth, dark brilliance, not to mention its drug properties.  Oh, I am feeling much better now.  I have some almonds, Quaker Oatmeal Squares and a Chobani raspberry Greek yogurt.  Yum.  Things are looking much better.  It is quiet in the office this morning.  The lady in the next cubicle has graciously decided to forego music today, so I am not listening to Lionel Ritchie or Barry Manilow or anything else that makes my ears bleed.  My boss is out for the day.  The other girl in legal is out for the day.  I am the only legal person here.  Excellent.  If I am busy, that is cool.  Being the only legal person here in the company has its advantages.  I can be the hero if something is needed, otherwise I am here just in case.  I can go through my to do list and knock out all those tasks which get interrupted by others making sure they are never completed.  I can put on music and be blissfully unaware of my surroundings.  I can think.  Quietly.  To myself.  Ahhh….

I realize that I have a doctor appointment today.  I will be leaving the office by 1:45or so and I am here alone until then.  A quiet day at the office alone and I am leaving early.  Did I say Mondays suck?  Not this one. 

And the doctor appointment I have? It is with my OB… and it is an ultrasound.  Yes.  I get to see the baby.  The last time I went to the doctor I was 5 weeks.  They did an ultrasound then too, but like I said, I was only 5 weeks and the baby looked like more of a white noise TV blob with a gyrating little tiny area that was the heartbeat.  I will be able to see how much the baby has grown in 42 days.  Granted, this is the nuchal scan which will determine the likelihood for congenital and chromosomal abnormalities, so I am a bit nervous.  It is one of the little extra worries you get for being “maternally aged” (reminding me, of course, that I will be even more “aged” come Wednesday, but that is a whole ‘nother post I will conveniently ignore right now).  But, I am not too terribly worried.  I will worry when I know there is something to be worried about, but not before.  In the meantime, I am excited.  I remember thinking that this scan was pretty far off when I set it on March 7 at my first appointment. Today I am thinking about how quickly time passes.  Wild. 

So, I will have to say that this Monday is shaping up better than most do.  I will even be able to run errands this afternoon and cook dinner.  I can be supermom today.  I love it when I can do that!  My red pashmina can double as a cape.  Man, I am cool!  I don’t know what the rest of the week will be like, and I am worried about several other things (remember at the beginning of this post I said it was strange I was in a good mood for several reasons, Monday just being one of them, so I have plenty on my mind), but I am just going to go with it and be content.  I mean, you gotta enjoy it where it comes, right?  And who knows, since this Monday gave me a break, it may be conspiring with Tuesday behind my back.

Ahhh, sing, it Mama Cass, you know Mondays just like I do, don’t you? 


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