I would rather smell the roses than the BS….

I am a very tolerant person. Being a “live and let live” kind of person raised in a strict and conservative household that had more of a “live like I live” ideology has given me a different perspective. I try to stay out of political discussions. I don’t like to argue and talking politics is a sure way to get into an argument. I don’t talk about religion for the same reason. But bigotry is a whole ‘nother animal and I am shaking my head today. I just cannot help myself. I am too opinionated and aggravated to keep my mouth shut. I am also stressed and incapable of dealing with bullshit… and this morning was just too full of it. And besides this blog is mine and I can post what I want, right? So, yes, for those of you with a sarcastic turn, I am going to tell you how I really feel.

I love our country. I love that everyone has a voice and is entitled to their own opinion. I love that everyone can decide what they think about God, whether to think about Him at all, how to worship Him and whether to teach their children about Him (or Her) or not. I love that you can be Jewish or Christian or Islamic or Buddhist or Hindu or Wiccan or atheist or anything else you want to be. I love that you can say anything you want short of “Fire!” in a theater. I love that everyone can vote, whether you are male, female, black, white, or any other color, as long as you are a citizen and not a felon.  And quite honestly, as a woman I thank God and my lucky stars on a regular basis that I was born here instead of, say, Iran. 

I even love the things that all this freedom gives us that I disagree with or hate. I hate military funeral protestors. I hate white supremacists. I hate Koran burners. I hate flag burners. I hate gay bashers. I hate xenophobes. I hate religious discrimination. I disagree with right wing religious zealots who want to force their form of morality on everyone. I disagree with left wing secular zealots who want to wipe the country of any semblance of religion and morality. I disagree with tree hugger zealots who want to force their environmental dogma on everyone and tell me who much toilet paper to use. I disagree with anti-conservationists who want to ignore any evidence of environmental damage and would ravage the planet for a buck. I disagree with anyone who wants to legislate morality in any shape from or fashion to include marijuana, sexual preference and prostitution. I disagree with pro-lifers who would totally outlaw abortion regardless of the situation. I disagree with pro-choicers whose “it’s my body and I can do with it what I want” whining ignores the fact that it is someone else’s body you are ripping apart and their life you are taking, even if it resides inside yours at the time. I disagree with anyone attempting to tell me what I can and cannot do with any other consenting adult in my own bedroom and whether or not I can share my life, property and rights with that person and marry them.

I recognize the fact that we live in a gray world and things are never as simple as black and white. I detest those who have a holier-than-thou point of view, no matter what that view is. I suppose the ones that bother me the most are the religious zealots, mainly because I cannot understand why they are so against trusting God and allowing Him to decide what is right and wrong in His own time, as they profess to believe He will. The worst of them believe that this life is here only for a moment and given to us as a test – and apparently during that brief time they must force their view of truth on others or else. Why don’t they focus on doing what they believe they should instead of attempting to force others to do what they believe we should? Do it the way I believe or I will kill you? Do it the way I believe or burn in Hell? How about you do it the way you believe and I’ll do it the way I believe and God can judge us both when we die, so mind your own damn business?

Today the President of the United States took time out that he obviously needs to deal with the US economy (which is shit), Lybia (which is a can of worms), Afghanistan (which is quick sand we are sinking billions into a week) and dozens of other issues (to include the budget, terrorism, oil, etc) that I simply do not have the time or knowledge to list here, and actually gave a press conference about his birth certificate. Really? If this issue had any legitimacy and could remove Obama as President, then it might be a discussion worth having, but even those that tout it admit that it doesn’t so what is the fucking point? Politics. Getting air time. Electrifying the base, as it is called. Sideshow bullshit. There are tons, and I do mean TONS of things to criticize Obama on. Let’s stick to those, how ‘bout? And do I think that this is a racially motivated attack? Yep. I do. Absolutely no other president’s citizenship has ever been questioned regardless of what state he was born in. And this one’s would not have been had he not been a black man named Barack Hussein Obama. Not everyone who has been sucked into giving this lie credence is a racist, but the underlying questioning of his citizenship is. It is bullshit.

In keeping with President Obama and racism, as I walked across Peachtree Street to get my cranberry muffin this morning, I was subjected to this pleasantness. A black kid, who probably was not old enough to vote in 2008, thought it was a good idea to walk yelling down Peachtree Street. What was he yelling? “Fuck you white people! Obama is fucking President! How do you like that shit?!?!” (Actually, I like Obama personally, even though I dislike his politics, so I am fine with him being president – way happier with him than, say, Al Gore) This kid yelled this over and over and some other things, which were blissfully drowned out by traffic for the most part. Luckily for me (and maybe him), he was across the street from me. What was really aggravating was when he stopped, looked directly across the street at me and the other white girl standing next to me and started yelling at us specifically. We, of course, ignored him. I wanted to yank that little xenophobe by the ear and ask him exactly what he thought our President would think of his racist punk ass.

I got back to my desk after the above incident to eat my muffin and saw a news story out of England saying that a band was arrested for singing “Kung Fu Fighting.” Apparently, a Chinese man walking by on the street outside the bar heard the song, cursed the band, flipped them off… and called the police complaining he was “subjected to racial abuse.” They were arrested on racism charges. Somehow I doubt the police would have said a word to the kid who was just yelling at me across downtown Atlanta, it not rising to the level of “Fire!” in a theater and all. I must admit that I don’t know the song beyond the tune and the lyric, “kung fu fighting, that man was fast as lightening” and it has never crossed my mind that it might be racist in some way. But really? Arrested? Bullshit.

That crazy news story was followed by a sad and disturbing one about a hate crime against a gay man. His barn was graffitied with “fags are freaks” and “burn in hell” and was set on fire. It housed 8 horses at the time – one of them pregnant and another was a new foal. The man desperately tried to rescue them and had to listen to them fight to get out and burn alive. I won’t presume to know what God will eventually rule as far as homosexuality (although I have my own personal opinion and I am sure there will be a lot of people surprised and disappointed either way), but regardless of that, I am pretty sure He is pissed about some bigoted asshole burning baby horses alive. And I would bet that will get you a front row seat on about the third ring of Hell yourself, so you know what? YOU burn in Hell.

So, I have vented and aired out the truck loads of bullshit I have seen today. I am only ranting about a few here to spare you the other petty ones which do not even rise to a level that deserves recognition. I will be taking the rest of the week off to wash my hands of the smell of such things and enjoy my family, love and the finer things in life that make putting up with the bullshit we all have to deal with worth it. I truly love life. I love people. I love and appreciate the gifts we are given every single day. And I suppose that is why things like this upset me so much.

There is too much good and life is too short for these things.

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