Notes from the Wedding

You know, I have been thinking about it today and I am not sure how or what I want to write about.  Jay and I were married this weekend, so you would think that the subject would be easy and I would be able to write a moving and romantic post about how wonderful it all was.  But I have started to write about it a couple of times and I am not sure what I want to say.  It was wonderful and beautiful and I am truly, utterly happy, but maybe it is too soon to write about it.  For some reason every time I start to write it just does not come out right.  But at some point it will and I will write about it then. 

In the meantime, I would not leave you hanging like that.  Here are a few tidbits I can write about without it feeling odd.

We drove down on Friday morning and got the license without a problem.  Poor Ezra had to endure multiple stops and being told to stay in the car with Greta and that Mommy and Jay would be right back.  Ezra did, however, get to see a purple fountain in downtown Opelika (colored purple for an annual Cancer Society event) and he also got to see Jordan-Hare Stadium for the first (but certainly not last) time up close and personal. He was sufficiently awed.

Once we got to the Auburn Chapel, we found out that it has been renovated since it was originally built in 1851 and part of those renovations (to Jay’s immense relief) did include air-conditioning. I learned that maid-of-honor bouquets will wilt when you do not make sure there is enough water in the vase the night before. This was ironic in that I was a bit overly worried about the flowers being in a hot car all the way from Atlanta to Auburn and was dying to drop them off at the church so they would be “safe” in the air-conditioning.  And then I failed to check the damn water level before leaving them there.  Luckily, we found them in enough time to get them water and they perked up a bit before the ceremony.  You may not even be able to tell in the pictures.  And if you can, there is always Photoshop. 

Jay’s little brother who is in school at Auburn very generously gave up his bed to Ezra, Jay and I.  That is saying a lot since D—– wound up on the floor of his own house, which pretty much served as ground zero for the wedding party.  Jay’s other brother, Jay’s sister, a friend of Jay’s brother and Greta all got spots on the pull out bed and sectional couch.  It was full house. 

We got through the ceremony without problems, although the pastor did not follow a set script and that made for some interesting moments – especially for the violinist, I’m afraid, but she was a good sport and made it through.  The unscripted nature of the ceremony was sweet in and of itself.  The pastor was a long-time family friend of Jay’s family and, while he may not have followed the exact wording of traditional vows, he had obviously performed a ceremony or two before and he was genuine and moving.  We appreciated his words and prayers and he impressed upon us the seriousness and the deep love and meaning behind the vows we took.

There were three three-year-old boys at the wedding and they could not have been better behaved.  With the exception of Ezra yelling out “Mommy!” a time or two, I did not hear a peep. 

Jay bit my finger when I fed him cake.  It hurt. 

Our room at the Auburn Hotel and Conference Center was wonderful.  Jay managed to get me an early check in so I could get dressed there.  And Greta.  And his sister.  And Ezra.  Four showers – with three of them being for girls primping for a wedding – used a lot of hot water, I’m sure.  We trashed out the room, but I managed to clean it up while Jay parked the car after the reception so he did not walk into a room that looked like a women’s boutique had exploded.  By “clean it up” I mean throw everything into the dressing area and turn off the light. 

Jay and I would also like to thank the hotel for losing our room service order.  By the time we got to the reception after all the pictures, most of the food was gone, so Jay and I just got cake.  It was after 5p and we had not had anything since breakfast.  We got to the room after 6p and dinner was soon needed.  I ordered the grilled salmon; Jay ordered the steak.  An hour later guest services called us apologizing for losing the order – and comped the meal.  I swear the food probably tasted better when we knew it was free. 

There was plenty of lovey-dovey romantic stuff in there somewhere, too.  I am blissfully happy to be Jay’s wife, but I will have to write about all that later when it has all sunk in a bit more. 

I would like to thank all the friends and family that came to the weddding.  I would also like to thank all of those who could not make it and wished us well.  It was sweet and unique, just like the man I married.  I could not have asked for better.  I have even changed my facebook status and my name there, so you know this is the real thing.  Oh, and the pastor informed us during the ceremony that he will be checking back in on us in 30 years – and we would not want to let Pastor Ellis down, trust me.

    • Thanks so much, Renee. It was great and he is worth the wait!

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