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I have been toying with writing a post on men and women for a while.  I have written a couple of superficial posts like my 10 Things About Women and an overview of the near-perfect man.  There is also a 10 Things I Wish I Knew About Men I posted on Facebook once, but I will have to edit and get it on this blog another time.  Trust me, the 10 Things About Women is more important.

But, the men and women thing is a huge issue.  I think I have a bit of insight into the crux of the problem, though. Just like everything else, we are creatures stuck in our own perceptions.  We are biased and cannot change that fact.  It is hard for men and women to appreciate the differences that are so important and identifying for each of us.  These things are integral to who we are and having a person who approaches things from such a different vantage point can be both helpful and threatening. And as a general rule, people are always more defensive than open. Read More


Last night Jay took me to dinner and we were talking about my job.  There has been – and will continue to be all summer, I am afraid –  a severe shake up in the structure of my company…one of those kinds of shake ups that makes me glad I am a mere minion, paid a pittance and, therefore (at least for this round of hatcheting), off the radar.  Eventually, however, our discussion turned to greed. There are some things I cannot understand as I told Jay and $500 pairs of shoes, $100,000 cars, $7.5M homes are among these things. Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe in the capitalist system.  I believe that competition and incentive should drive people. I believe that people should be allowed to make money hand over fist. I believe that you can spend what you earn however you would like.  Making money is one thing… unmitigated greed is another, however. Read More

A daily minimum.  We all have it, though we don’t usually write it down.  There are just certain things we do every single day to keep ourselves clean and sane.  There are some things that are universal: we eat some, sleep some and brush our teeth.  After that, though, I think we become a bit more diversified and things become more subjective. 

I have been bemoaning the fact that, given my current amiable stasis, I now have the time, energy and responsibility of turning my focus on the internal and daily issues that confront me.  In other words, now that I have no circumstances about which to complain I have reached the fabled Land of One Day. 

You have heard of it, I know.  You may have thought it was a fiction, but NORead More

On certain occasions in my life things have sucked.  Usually (adding insult to injury), it was my own fault. I used to live under the assumption that the next drama filled issue was just around the corner and there would be only a small reprieve before (as my boss likes to put it) the defecation hit the ventilation. I lived under this assumption because it was generally correct. 

However, I seem to have turned a corner.  Read More

Gray rinsed his face and looked into the mirror.  Downstairs the party was picking up steam.  It was 11p, which meant the alcohol was doing its work and things were getting louder and, he was sure, more risqué.  He shook his head in disgust as he dried his face and hands on Julie’s perfectly monogrammed hand towel.  Somewhere in the back of his mind a small, but well-taught voice, reminded him that he should not be using the monogrammed towels. Read More

Marnie had been in Atlanta for six weeks.  Harp’s Irish Pub was less than a mile from her new apartment and she could not have been happier about that.  She sat where she always did when she was at a pub alone – right near the stage while she waited for the music to move her feet and then her feet to inevitably move the rest of her.  Once the music did that, she caught his eye.  Read More

I am trying something new.  I found this site called the red dress club.  It is a writer’s club and the cool thing is that they give weekly assignments and prompts.  In case no one who reads this has noticed, I can be a bit scatter-brained.  In school I loved writing assignments.  They focused and terrified me. I would listen to the topic and get all worried because I never knew how I was going to write about whatever it was, but once I got that first sentence on paper, I was golden.  Another plus with the red dress club is that there is a word limit.  I am sure you can tell I need that more than prompts.  Jay has pointed out more than once that my blog posts are way too long to gain readership and traffic.  I pointed out that I did not care.  But, of course, he is right.  Websites are his area of expertise, after all.  Read More