Funny is a virtue

I wish I could be funny
I have always wished for grace.
I wish I had belief,
And somewhere I’d find a place
Where words did not fail me,
And quiet confidence kept me.
What would I have traded for talent?
Or gave if beauty could be mine?
I longed for intellectual prowess
For hope I’ve always pined
Disciple itself continues to elusive be
Just outside my grasp – something I can only see.
I suppose I have all these things
Though not in equal measure
And not in such great amounts
That would give my ego pleasure. 
But what one to choose if choice mine be?
Though many, I’m sure, may disagree…
I’d go with my first instinct
Though it may be a bit odd
Or even blashemous, as some may say,
I would want the ability to make Satan and God
Laugh until their sides will ache and they are about to pee
Then both would be too distracted to notice little ole me.

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