the red dress club

I am trying something new.  I found this site called the red dress club.  It is a writer’s club and the cool thing is that they give weekly assignments and prompts.  In case no one who reads this has noticed, I can be a bit scatter-brained.  In school I loved writing assignments.  They focused and terrified me. I would listen to the topic and get all worried because I never knew how I was going to write about whatever it was, but once I got that first sentence on paper, I was golden.  Another plus with the red dress club is that there is a word limit.  I am sure you can tell I need that more than prompts.  Jay has pointed out more than once that my blog posts are way too long to gain readership and traffic.  I pointed out that I did not care.  But, of course, he is right.  Websites are his area of expertise, after all. 

Anyway, here was the prompt from yesterday:

“The happy ending.

It’s what we all hope for, isn’t it? We all want everything to be neatly tied up in a bow.

In fiction, this can be, well, a little boring. Or predictable.

This week, we’d like you to write a scene that includes a happy ending – it doesn’t have to be the actual END of your story, if you’re working on continuations, but it should include at least one challenge for your hero to overcome.

Surprise us. Don’t give us what we expect.

If you are writing non-fiction, you can use the same parameters. Or you can even change the way something happened to give it the happy ending you wanted.

Then come back here and link up Friday. Let’s try to do this in 600 words. If you go to 700, I won’t tell.”

Well, I downright suck at writing fiction, but I do have a story that will fall into the perameters set forth above, even if it is not new, novel and surprising.  You may have heard it before, as a matter of fact.  I thought about changing the names to Collette and Thomas, but who am I kidding?  I am posting it on here and everyone knows who this is about.  It is a rare attempt by me to write it as a “story,” so I am pushing some bounds.  I even came really close to making the word limit! [in case anyone feels the need to be a stickler for facts and point it out, I did change modify one fact: the due date was told to me before the wedding] I have always been parital to the line, “Happy endings are just stories that have not finished yet.” from Mr. & Mrs. Smith, so I occasionally wonder how many more happy endings Jay and I have in store for us.


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