One Day

A daily minimum.  We all have it, though we don’t usually write it down.  There are just certain things we do every single day to keep ourselves clean and sane.  There are some things that are universal: we eat some, sleep some and brush our teeth.  After that, though, I think we become a bit more diversified and things become more subjective. 

I have been bemoaning the fact that, given my current amiable stasis, I now have the time, energy and responsibility of turning my focus on the internal and daily issues that confront me.  In other words, now that I have no circumstances about which to complain I have reached the fabled Land of One Day. 

You have heard of it, I know.  You may have thought it was a fiction, but NO

It is the place you were referring to when you were 28 and your ass was still tight.  Do you remember thinking One Day I will have to work my glutes for them to look like this – but not today?  You know you did.

Remember the days of going to a tanning bed and having the little playboy bunny sticker shaped tan line just below your pelvic bone so you got a glimpse of it when you wore that hot new VS thong?  And we used to say One Day the UVA radiation may show up in the form of fine lines and skin damage and I will have to take care of my skin… but not any day soon, so sure I will buy another 4 visits so I look hot in that new string bikini. 

What about staying out drinking and listening to a great band until 3a?  Remember those days?  Shots and beer and Long Island Teas while you checked out the crowd and flirted and danced until the band thanked everyone for coming, said they would be back next Friday night and reminded everyone to tip the waitresses and bartenders.  You woke up at 10a with a killer hangover, took some Aleve and by noon you were out meeting up with friends regaling them with tales of this chick or that guy and how smooth or coy you were. Someone told you than that you would not be able to do that One Day, didn’t they?  They did.  And you blew them off.  And went out again on Saturday nights to prove you could.  Guess what? They were right.

One Day I will exercise every day.  One Day I will settle down.  One Day I will quit smoking.  One Day I will take a cooking class.  One Day I will __________.  One Day life won’t be so crazy and I will be a disciplined, responsible adult.  You know, I will do all of it One Day when things settle down.  I will get myself in order One Day

So, I have been pondering this for a few days (ok, a week – or two) and I am beginning to come up with a list.  (Yes, I am a list maker.  Surprise you?  I thought not.)  I am making a list of what I do every day without fail – my daily minimum – the good and the bad. (Don’t worry, I am keeping it to myself – at least for now) And I am going to try and cull out the bad and replace it with all the shit I should be doing that I am not. 

This is not going to be fun, I think.  Wish me luck!


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