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Your assignment this week was to write about sex without writing about the actual act. Because you always want to leave a little to the imagination.


He had always made her heart skip when he looked at her with that coy little smile of his.  She had been afraid back then that she was enjoying him too much and that she would start wanting him and he would not want her back.  Not for more than what they had, anyway.  She had found him sexy and sensual.  He thrilled her.

She could go back to that again.

He was still the same.  The conversation still flowed.  The spark was still there. Spark? Who was she kidding?  He electrified her from the moment she stepped into the same room.  Her immediate physical reaction to him was as thrilling as it was surprising.  She was still smiling the next morning and all they had done was talk – with a few stolen kisses at the end of the evening.  She had wanted more and he knew it, but he had been restrained.  And restraint could be good.

Anticipation. There is nothing like it.

She was going to have to remember temperance and moderation.  He could be addictive.  She had to stay balanced and not let the high she got from him consume her.  And it could.  She had seen that happening before and she had gotten out.  She had walked away never imaging there was a possibility she could go back.  And now here they were and she was elated.  She was going to have to watch that.

She heard the knock and smiled.  She took a quick sip of wine and made herself walk to the door.  She could already see him on the other side, leaning against the door frame, smiling.  For a second her mind flashed back to when she had opened the door the evening he had brought the groceries and cooked for her. Her entire body flushed at the memory.

Now her smile widened as she opened the door.  There he was.  He looked down at her and spoke softly.  She stood on her tiptoes to kiss him.  She reminded herself to enjoy this and not get too wrapped up, but even as the thought crossed her mind she knew it was useless.  You developed a tolerance to drugs like this and would need more and more to sustain the high.

She already knew what was going to happen even before he pulled her into his arms.  She felt herself being swept away.  She felt herself melting into him.  She felt her desire to give over to him completely.  And she did it without hesitation.

  1. mryjhnsn said:

    The best part of sex is the anticipation and I just love how you described it!

    • Tomekha said:

      #sotrue 🙂 Great response to the prompt 🙂

  2. Yay for them!

    “Anticipation there’s nothing like it”– for sure.

    But sometimes, giving in without hesitation, is even better! 🙂

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