Monthly Archives: September 2011

I am operating at about 115-120% capacity all the time.  This means that in a 24 hour cycle, I am spreading myself as thick as possible across all my responsibilities.  In a day’s time, imagine what it would be like if all the balls I am juggling came down at once.  Just sit back and imagine from my perspective how devastating that would be.  You would realize that I really need to be working at 150% capacity all the time, but I cannot.  I am simply unable to give more than 125%.  That is my drop dead level.  But, at 115% I am working at the bare minimum capacity to have things “livable.”  That means I am not succeeding at one – or any – of my tasks beyond a basic level – it also means that no one is happy.  My boss, my son, my self, my daughter, my parents, my ex-husband and even my friends are pressuring me at this level.  No one is really bitching badly (God help me if I drop down to only giving 100%), but no one is really satisfied.  I leave my relationship off the list of pressures, but this is the very first time in my life I have ever been able to do that.   Imagine if, for the first time in your life, your relationship is a pressure release valve instead of a pressure cooker.  That means a lot. Read More


I’ve read a couple of things this morning that have gotten me to thinking.

One was an article entitled Do Children Ever Belong on Reality TV? And the other was a Mouthy Housewives post about a woman who discovered her husband was trolling the web for local sex partners.  Included in the response to the post was this, “If you choose to move on with your marriage, you’ll become obsessed with checking his mobile devices, computer, and mail. You won’t be living your own life. You’ll be trapped into making sure another person is living their life correctly. And that’s just not something you can do.” [Um, Amen! Get the hell outta there!]

I know these two things may not seem connected, but give me a minute. Read More

Last night I watched the series finale of Entourage.  I have watched off and on for the last eight years and generally love the show (not to mention the awesome 1965 Lincoln Continental with suicide doors (!) in the opening credits).

However, the character I love more than any of the Entourage crowd is Ari Gold.

Jeremy Piven is one of those actors who makes a character.  He is good looking enough to play any role, but not so god-like good looking that his looks get in the way of his performance.  (I am not a fan of the uber fine actor, either male or female, but that explanation is for another post). Read More