Bye, Ari.

Last night I watched the series finale of Entourage.  I have watched off and on for the last eight years and generally love the show (not to mention the awesome 1965 Lincoln Continental with suicide doors (!) in the opening credits).

However, the character I love more than any of the Entourage crowd is Ari Gold.

Jeremy Piven is one of those actors who makes a character.  He is good looking enough to play any role, but not so god-like good looking that his looks get in the way of his performance.  (I am not a fan of the uber fine actor, either male or female, but that explanation is for another post).

I love Ari’s totally situational ethics, his anger and passion, his comedic quality and his horribly tarnished and dented heart of Gold.

I don’t like Mrs. Ari.

Now, I think Perrey Reeves played her well, but I just don’t like that character. Unfortunately, she embodies all that is stereotypical and wrong with both Hollywood portrayal of wives and, in some cases, actually wrong with wives.

The series ended with a nod to the importance of Ari’s character…and a major plot line for the upcoming movie.  We all know who Ari is, even if his wife and “love of his life” has no clue.  She has bitched incessantly over the length of the show.  Now, there is no way that a woman that supposedly strong and smart could marry a man that ambitious, be married to him for 20 years and not know it.  If she doesn’t know who he is, she is an idiot and deserves to be left.  If she does know who he is and thinks she can take that integral part of him out and he’ll be able to live with himself (and her with him), then she is either an uncaring bitch who is more concerned with what she wants from him than who he is, or she is an idiot who deserves to be left.

Now I am not advocating that a man neglect his family for his job, but I don’t think that is the case here.  While Ari may get pulled away and consumed by work, he makes an effort. Usually in hilarious and over the top ways, but sometimes they actually pan out…and when they don’t you can tell he cares.  More than a lot of men in his position would.

I work in a world full of men who make a lot of money and have stay at home wives so they leave all the home and kids stuff to the wife.  While my boss has raised two daughters and knows what it is to be a parent, he also made enough money that his wife was at home with them every day.  I bet my boss has never taken a day off due to one of his kids being sick in their lives.  Now, I am sure he attended special events and maybe even some parent-teacher conferences, but the home and kids were left to the wife who he fully supported for that very reason – so he could work and she could stay at home.

What I cannot stand is a woman who will live off the money and then bitch about what it takes for her husband to make it.  While there is a fine line between the demands of a career and the responsibility of having a family, there is not a woman who helps the situation by nagging and bitching about it.

I wonder is how many of these bitchy wives would be willing to accept a smaller income to live off of if the tradeoff was that the husband would be at home more.  If I felt that were the case, I would not be ranting about this.  But I don’t think it is.  I think that most of them would bitch about the lack of money…they want the income, but they want the husband to make it in what they would consider a more efficient manner.

Well, when you are doing the work and pulling in the paycheck then you can decide how efficiently a job can be done.  Until then, why don’t you leave that up to the person who is actually doing the job? And, maybe, just maybe, try to be supportive and come up with solutions that don’t include making someone who actually wants to be with his family run to work to get away from your nagging ass.

Although I have to give it to Reeves (who is merely 5 months older than me)… that final shot of her ass was impressive.  And, as another 40 year old, I have an idea of how much work it had to take to get and keep it.  Wow.  I suppose if you are going to bitch at your husband, having an ass like that makes it way easier for him to take.

I need a gym membership.

P.S. Um… after looking up a few images of Piven for this article, I may have to re-assess my “not too good looking” comment above.  Holy Smokes.  


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