It’s the Weekend, People.

And, oh, how I do love the weekend.  This weekend is going to be extra good in that it will be spent at home.  There’s no place like home.  There’s no place like home. 

There are things coming up over the next few weekends, but this one will be fairly quiet. [Even though I do have one social engagement for which I am totally unprepared.  Gulp.]

Last weekend we took the quarterly tour of Alabama. Jay’s mother is 2 hours or so away from Atlanta in central Alabama.  My parents are a further 2 hours south of Jay’s mom is south Alabama. I took last Friday off and we went on the whirlwind trip to Alabama with the boys, checking off all the extended family duties. 

It was hectic.  It was fun. It was exhausting.

Ezra got time with his Da, who he could play with exclusively for a week straight and never get tired. My dad is the best playmate ever, allowing the kids to take the lead, but still maintaining a manner of control by expecting certain behaviors (sportsmanship, manners, etc) during play.  I have heard him more than once say, “If you are going to act like that, I am not going to play anymore.”  Works like a charm for him. 

Ezra also got to experience toy overload at Jay’s mother’s house and get to play by himself.  He does not appreciate that like he should now. Pretty soon Sawyer will be running around after him wanting to do everything Ezra does  – and Ezra will long for the days he could play in peace without a little brother constantly at his heels.  Jay and I both understand this as we were oldest children with little brothers 3-4 years younger than us.  Unfortunately, there is no way to explain to Ezra how much he will miss playing alone once Sawyer becomes ambulatory.  Eh.  It is just one of those oldest child things that you have to live with forever as a consequence of our birth order. 

Sawyer got to soak in the love, attention and admiration of two grandmothers and my aunt.  He was like a 4 month old piglet in slop.  He is smiling socially now and laughing out loud if you catch him in the right mood.  He is watching Ezra with a mixture of fascination and trepidation as it seems he understands more than Ezra does how much bigger Ezra is than him and how Ezra does not seem to recognize either his own size or strength.  Jay and I try to monitor them constantly and make sure Ezra is being gentle and is not endangering Sawyer (which does happen on occasion and we have to be extremely vigilant in supervising them), but to a certain degree Sawyer is going to have to learn to buck up and speak up if he wants to be heard and have his way.  Such is the nature of being a younger brother. 

Jay and I took the boys by my aunt and uncle’s farm in rural south Alabama. They were a hit.  My Aunt Maug loved holding Sawyer and trying to fill Ezra to the brim with any manner of food stuffs she had from Valentine candy to grapes and pecan pie.  Ezra was thrilled by this, of course.  He also got to talk non-stop and have my aunt and uncle hang on his every word.  [Jay and I have to alternate between encouraging Ezra to express himself properly and wondering exasperatedly when he is going to nap or otherwise give us five sequential minutes of silence.  We don’t get 5 sequential moments of silence from Ezra too often, which can be both adorable and exasperating at the same time.  Other times it is like an icepick to the brain if he is in a foul mood and/or is both talkative AND defiant]

There was even time for my brother and (most) of his family to come by so we could both be at my parents’ house at the same time. This meant there were cousins running around playing and babies to be held and “awwwed” over.   It was hectic, but a good time was had by all, as they say.

But going out of town last weekend meant that I was not at home last weekend, which, in turn, means that none of the chores around the house got done.  You know the kind of working mom chores I am talking about – meal planning and shopping for the week; sweeping and mopping.  And all the other chores which working and being out of the house for 10 hours a day get pushed to the weekend.

BUT.  I also missed out of something far more important than the household chores.

I missed weekly recuperation time. 

And (I say a prayer of thanks as I type this sentence) THAT is what I am most looking forward to this weekend: lying in bed and dozing; hours of mindless tv; cooking and eating delicious food [Without having to make sure it is a toddler friendly menu – Ezra is at his dad’s this weekend.  Sawyer is a one food kind of guy – the kind that comes out of a bottle and works fine with Mommy and Daddy’s lazy weekend schedule still. Man, am I going to hate it when that changes]; doing girly maintenance things like shopping at Ulta, deep conditioning my hair and getting a pedicure (YAY!); and a few other things that happen to be a bit too private for this blog.  (Ah-Hem)

So if last weekend was the weekend to be social and maintain our relationships with our families, this weekend is the weekend to pull in and pull focus.  It is the weekend to smell the flowers, stand with our noses right up against the tree and hone in on that which is most important. 

While I will miss Ezra this weekend, next weekend will Ezra’s t-ball games will start and we will have family time of another kind, focused around the kids and getting out with them. And I think Ezra’s dad has weekend plans that include the circus or zoo.  Ezra will be beside himself excited about that, I assure you.

I love Spring.  And soon it will arrive in its green glory and pull us out of hibernation.  But I don’t think I am going to mind another weekend of quiet reflection, respite, recuperation and preparation.

I am looking forward to it.


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