The Ideas of March

Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors. 

Marnie has 31 ideas.

March has 31 days.

Today is the first of March.

And that is how simple the idea happened to be. 

Ok, maybe it was a bit more complicated than that. (And there was some Shakespear in there, too)

It was an idea I had requiring me to act on ideas I’ve had lately.

You see, a couple of weeks ago Jay and I were talking over a few bottles glasses of wine. The conversation meandered and wound through many subjects, but it eventually ended with Jay saying, “You know me.  You know what I like.  Write something for me.  Write something I would like to read.”

Gulp.  Cue the Law and Order “Bum – Bum” sound. 

 So over the next several days the wheels turned and I generated idea after idea.

And none of them were any good.  Well, maybe they were ok.  But they weren’t knock-his-socks-off good…Or at least I hoped I would come up with something better.  Something I could get excited about. 

But before I knew it I had 28 ideas.  This morning, once I realized it was March 1st, I decided to flesh it out a bit and make it 31… and commit to flesh out one idea for each day of the month.  I mean, how can I judge what something is going to be from the genesis of the idea? There is so much more to it than the seed – just look at every plant.

So I am going to pick one of the 31 ideas and write at least 600 words about each of them – and we will see where they lead me. 

Why is this one my first post?

Because the fact of the matter is I am a procrastinator.  I procrastinate out of fear – whether that fear is of failure or success does not matter.  I need to make a commitment to someone.  Someone that isn’t me.  Because I am not good at keeping commitments to myself.    Something that has been a bit of an issue in my life and that I am looking to correct.  But I am good at keeping them to others.

What kind of ideas have I had? 

Well, they do run the gamut from pure fiction (something I am trying to learn to write) to ideas for my kids, my home, opinion pieces (although I am trying to dial that back) and anything else that ran through my mind over the last couple of weeks. 

See, I don’t want to leave half-baked ideas in a notebook.  I want to flesh them out and find out where they take me. 

I have discovered writing is a lot like reading… you pick it up with a certain anticipation thinking it was going one way.  But just like reading a good book, writing doesn’t necessarily take you where you thought it would.  Generally speaking, it takes you far beyond – and sometimes even in a completely different direction than – where you thought you were going to go when you started. 

I wonder where this is going to take me…

If anyone wants to try their hand at any of these, please feel free.  I am always interested in seeing how an idea changes when it goes through someone else’s mind and thought patterns.  Almost every time I have seen two people write on the same topic, the individuality and point of view has been fascinating.  I would love to find out what yours is.


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