Escape into Nothing

She walked into her bedroom and shut the door.  She lay down on the bed pulled the covers around her. Once comfortable, she flipped the mental switch opening her mind. Each thought rose out of her like wisps of smoke and swirled through the room.  Every fact, every memory, every idea, every worry, every guilt was acknowledged then consciously forced out of her mind and into the ether.  She could see it, but not think or experience it.  Some were beautiful shimmering and silvery tendrils.  Others were black and toxic.  No matter how much the thoughts tried to stay inside her, she forced them out.  How long it took for her mind to wipe itself clean she did not know.  But when she was done and the blackness descended over her like the covers she was curled up in, she slept.  Her mind, being cleansed of every thought, had no subjects with which to form even a dream.  Everything else swirled around the room in delicate colored strands as she escaped into the nothingness of her mind.  It was utter peace.

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