7 to 10.

Hazy and thoughtful, I start the day.

There is a calm facade draping over me.

I go around people, looking at my feet.

I don’t bother to brush the hair out of my eyes.

I have packed up what is needed and brought it with me.

I am tired. 

I am constantly explaining.

I am living through the best time of my life.

And I am doing it hanging on by a thread.

You would think this would be weird,

But it is not.

My life is not complicated, but it is exhausting.

I have to put out so much effort,

 I go through this task and into the next one that has to be completed.


There is no pause button.

Every moment of this life has to be lived.

Even the boring ones.

If only so I can enjoy the important ones.

  1. Makes you long for that childhood era where every day held 300 hours. You captured the essence of today’s working mom perfectly.

  2. I am trying to keep reminding myself that this is the time I am going to miss one day – when Ezra is a toddler and just grapsing concepts, and when Sawyer is a baby just learning to sit. I keep in mind that the day will come that all this will be behind me. The boys will be grown and will not want or need me in the same way. And I will look back on now and miss it horribly. And it will seem like a lifetime ago – that happened just a couple of seconds before. I keep it in mind so much, as a matter of fact, that part of me is already sad. Is that weird?

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