Adding To the Packing To-Do List

My brother is getting married this weekend!  (Congrats!!! Love!!)

Tonight I am packing to go to Dothan for the weekend.  It is a 3.5 hour trip.  A 210 mile drive. 

At least, if you don’t have kids. 

The last trip we were up to about 4 hours of actual “on the road” time.  Which doesn’t seem too bad, uh?  It really isn’t.  However, I consider it to be 4 hours of semi-rest after all the running required to pack to get in the car to leave.  (Jay drives.  Forever and ever, amen.)

You know I have a 6 month old and a 4 year old, right? 

Well, then try and begin to imagine the packing.  Bottles, diapers, dvd player (don’t forget the dvds!!), snacks, toys…

And then you get to the changes of clothes, toiletries and sundry items all women have come to require in almost (less than one week left! Eeek!) 41 years (sunscreen!).  At least I am the only girl.

And we are going to a wedding!  I have small cute kids who need to look their most adorable.  And yet be comfortable. This means I have to be comfortable enough (in wedding-appropriate clothes) to be able to run after Ezra should he decide to test us in public – which is totally possible considering his little attitude lately.

Tonight I am going to attempt to put Ezra to work packing his own back pack of traveling items.  He has been a handful over the last few weeks; getting into trouble at school and such – the general complaint is that he does not follow directions.  (Yeah.  We know.  You think he is any better at home with us?  We’re working on it, I swear).  This way he is occupied with a task that will, if not now then sometime in the near future (fingers crossed) be helpful to me. 

Sawyer has just started solids.  We are grinding what is in the frige and pantry up with a Baby Bullet and he is doing two meals a day. This week he had bananas, squash and brown rice. The faces he makes and the cuteness and hilarity of the process makes cleaning up after him (pretty much) worth it.  (So now I get to pack baby food. And bibs.  And spoons.) 

Of course, I really feel for Jay. He is going to have to help me, who is scatterbrained and a bit panicky when I am feeling pressured and rushed (to put it nicely), get all this done and out the door at a reasonable time on Saturday morning to make a 2p wedding. Yes, you shoudl pray for him)

In case anyone wants to be helpful and suggest a glass of wine to take the edge off, I have to be clear about something – my parents do not drink alcohol.  Ever.  How serious are they about the evils of alcohol?  My mother once made someone take a 6 pack of IBC Root Beer out of her shopping cart because she worried another shopper may glance in her cart and mistakenly think it was real beer since it was a 6 pack of brown bottles.  (True story.  My parents do not drink. They don’t much like people who do, either.  Reason #13 why my mother does not read this blog.)

So… I can only think of two things to do in preparation for the whirlwind that will be this weekend.  They will be added to the packing list and checked off accordingly.  I am going to need them to keep a grip on my sanity.

There is a bottle of pinot grigio chilling in my frige, just lying in wait for me to get home.  I may not be allowed to drink at my mother’s house, but I am at my house tonight, now aren’t I? 

I’d better text Jay let him know about the other…

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