The Baby Bed Rite of Passage

I had an excellent weekend.  It was my birthday. Remind me and I will tell you all about it sometime – if you’re interested, that is.

But this post is not about that.  It is about another rite of passage…one rarer than a birthday. 

Jay put Sawyer’s crib together this weekend.

The boys now share a bedroom.  We are officially raising brothers.

Toys were sorted; furniture rearranged; pictures and mirror hung. I even made the bed and put away their clothes. 

No going back now.  Jay can check that one off his “Now That I am a Dad To Do List.”

There was even the obligatory run to Home Depot for screws. 

Luckily for Jay there was not a problem with instructions and he did not have parts left over at the end, so it all went smoother than an American Express commercial.

Afterwards, we stood back as proud parents and surveyed the results of our efforts with satisfaction, happy and contented.

I wonder if robins do the same thing after a particularly satisfying day of nest feathering.

  1. I put my youngest in with his brother a few months ago. It lasted about 2 weeks. He quit sleeping altogether because he was having too much fun. Hope yours was a smoother transition!

      • Boy, I hope not. We moved the little one back to his bed in our room. We’ll try again sometime before he’s ten. I think.

      • Ugh. I hate that for you and your husband. 🙂

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