I am grateful…

…That I live in a place where I can drive, have a job and choose my own husband (and divorce him if he turns out to be schmuck);

[150 years ago I would have been little more than property, 100 years ago I could not vote, and only in the last 30 years has it been that a woman could divorce her husband without cause – and that is still not true in all countries today]

…That I live in a time when my Sawyer is accepted as a valued and important member of society.

[50 years ago my doctor would have recommended institutionalizing Sawyer for the simple fact that he has Downs Syndrome.  Even worse, 200 years ago he may have been a complete outcast… or 300 years ago be left to die]

…That medical science has progressed to the point that I had my babies (2 of them, anyway) with an epidural so I was able to participate in the process and see my newborns immediately.

[in addition to the fact that Sawyer would have been taken from me because of Downs, 40 years ago I would have been knocked out in a “twilight” anesthesia, shaved and not known whether I had boys or girls for hours afterwards…just like my mother]

…And that modern dentistry has progressed to the point that it is no longer a horrific torture perpetrated on patients, but instead has layers of pain management from nitrous to topical anesthesia to lidocaine – all of which my very empathetic dentist used on me yesterday, God bless her.

[because 100 years ago they would have had to tie me down – if they could catch me, that is]



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  1. Its nice to hear something kind about the dentist for a change!

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