Monthly Archives: May 2013

Today I woke up to this lovely quote:

“Look at yourself in the mirror and critique yourself and your movements as you would a piece of artwork. But don’t beat yourself up. Unless you need to lose weight.” — A sampling from workout guru Tracy Anderson’s new food program service.

And I have been irritated ever since.  I don’t have a clue who this woman is, but I don’t like her one bit.

Now, for my vanity’s sake I have to point out that (except for those last 10 pounds just about every woman over 40 thinks she needs to lose), I don’t really need to lose weight. I want to, of course, but Sawyer is 20 months old and I have finally begun to feel like I have my body back.  My BMI is 26.7, which technically puts me “overweight” since 18-25 is normal, but I refuse to feel like shit over one or two BMI points and, as long as my clothes still fit and I don’t have to go up any more sizes, I am fine with it.  Kinda. Read More